Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a non-profit member-owned financial institution. A Credit Union is not a bank, or a Savings and Loan. It is a group of people who have joined together to share in financial services that can be enjoyed by every member in managing their own money. Its basic objectives are to teach and encourage thrift among members and, through their combined savings, extend to members low cost credit for any worthwhile purpose.

Who owns the Credit Union?

YOU, as a member own the Credit Union. You are not a customer at your Credit Union, you are an owner.

Who runs the Credit Union?

A Board of Directors, elected from the membership, by the members, has the general direction and control of its affairs. The Board sets the policy under which the Manager, Office Staff and Committees operate. The Directors and Committee Members are volunteers.

How do I join?

Complete a membership card designating a single or joint membership and forward it to the Credit Union Office, along with a check for $10.00 which will be deposited into your share savings account. Every member must maintain a minimum balance of $50.00 to retain membership. Once you become a member, you may remain a member even if you leave employment in the Field Of Membership, retire or move away from the area. Once a member, always a member!

Who regulates the Credit Union?

A Board of Directors elected from the membership has the general direction and control of its affairs. It sets the policy under which the officers and committees operate. The Credit Committee is appointed by the directors to review the loan applications. A Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to audit internal affairs. Our Supervisory Committee audits our Credit Union’s records. This is in addition to our annual Federal Examinations. The board and committee members receive no pay for their services.